Saturday, December 12, 2009

Where to begin...

This isn't the first blog I've started. The last one, taken down today, was wonderfully verbose and I hadn't updated it since the week I started it back in 2007. So why start a blog. More importantly, why start a blog now?

The answer is that blogging is just a convenient excuse to keep writing, something that I haven’t been doing enough of for a long time. While I have a lot on the go at the minute I hope to get this updated once a week to begin with and all that busy-ness will give me stuff to talk about.

Let’s start with beer.

I am not a big beer drinker. My drink of choice is cider so the decision to brew my own beer might take you by surprise. I am however a romantic and an invariable thinkerer and the challenge of making something is one I can rarely pass up. Brewing isn't something most people try, which is the real appeal. We here in Ireland are obsessed with drink and the price thereof and it's great to be able to share great beer with my friends with the moniker that its cost me less than 50c a bottle to produce.

I start my second brew tommorow, a pilsner this time, which i'm going to add some spices to for a unique flavour.

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