Monday, December 21, 2009



It's a big number. The first of the big numbers. Banks ask for a lot of collateral on 10,000. There weren't 10,000 students in my university. It's the number of homeless families on the streets of New York this christmas and it's the size in kilometres that the earth's atmosphere stretches to.

So hitting 10,000 views on my flickr profile is pretty major. It's not unique visits, but i reckon that at least 1000 people have seen my photos and that's still impressive.

It hasn't taken me that long either. I started my flicker account on August 25th, so in just under 4 months I've done really well.

The whole point of this long self-congragulatory piece is to (eventually) thank anyone and everyone who took the time out to view my page, comment on a photo or drop me an email. I started my flickr account to improve my photography and it's your feedback that helps me do that.

So I hope you stick with me to 20,000 (and beyond). I still have a guaranteed 310 days of uploading photos so if you do like what I'm up to there will be plenty more.



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