Thursday, December 31, 2009

Resolutions - 36.5 in 365

I'm pretty sure everyone, i.e lots of people who blog, do this for New Years, so I am definitely leaping on a musical wagon.

There is a frame of thought that says no plan is definite until you tell another human being or write it down. Here I intend to do both.

The next year could be a big one for me, I've been shuffling quietly along since leaving university but I aim to change all that in the new year.

So here are 36.5 things I will do next year.
  1. Move Back to Dublin
    •  Completed on the 10/02/10.
  2. Complete my 365 Challenge.
  3. Form a production company.
  4. Travel to at least 1 new country.
  5. Visit 2 countries.
  6. Finish writing a book.
  7. Write a short story.
  8. Put together a collection of poetry.
  9. Write a screenplay.
    •  Completed on the 06/02/10.
  10. Write a new play.
  11. Begin making a short film.
  12. Get 100,000 views on my flickr profile.
  13. Make 5 new friends.
  14. Get better acquainted with 5 old friends.
  15. Throw a major party.
  16. Brew enough beer for everyone at a party.
  17. Make an animation.
  18. Build a portfolio website.
  19. Grow my hair long.
  20. Lose weight (at least a stone).
    •  Completed on the 30/03/10 (I had lost 15 pounds by then).
  21. Throw a dinner party for at least 6 people.
  22. See at least one movie in the cinema every month.
  23. See one classic movie every month that I haven't seen before.
  24. Finish War and Peace.
  25. Finish Dante's Paradiso.
  26. Raise a 1000 for charity.
  27. Travel to every county in Ireland.
  28. Get my provisional licence.
    •  Completed on the 06/02/10.
  29. Get my driving licence.
  30. Hire a model for a photo shoot.
  31. Film an incredibly happy moment.
  32. Film an incredibly sad moment.
  33. Help at least one person every week who needs helping.
  34. Fall in love again.
  35. Learn something new every day.
  36. Write something every day.
    •  Failed on the 9/01/10. Forgot to write something.
and I will endeavour to be half as stressed over the next year as the past one.

It's not as ambitious as some lists but there are still some tricky ones in there. The writing every day for instance, and obviously the forming of a production company. I think they're all achievable though.

I plan to mark them off the list as they get done. You can check my progress here.


  1. I thought about doing the travel to every county in Ireland, but are they are worth actually visiting? If I had a car I think I would most definately do this, by with public trasnport its just not wroth it.

    I created my own list at
    Decided to start to pu my DSLR to use and try to take a tleast one good photo a week. :)

  2. when the house if finished you can throw dat dinner party,al