Friday, February 12, 2010

Nostrum somnium ero verus.

There is a lesson,
Inscribed on a stone plaque
Carved in my heart.
When adversity faces us
We must not bow our heads,
Or taste defeat in a bitter mouth.
There is no victory in overcoming
A challenge there is no chance of failing.
“Anything can be achieved with hard work and will power”.
From the race to the rise
All things are impossible
Only when we let them be so.

If you must cry
Then shed tears in endeavour
If you must complain
Then do so only to yourself.
If regret is your master
Then you must master regret.
If the burden is too heavy,
Find others who will help to carry it.

Fear is not within us,
It is without us.
The fear of failure is the drive to success.
Bravery is simply foolishness in fancier garb.
Nostrum somnium ero verus.

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