Saturday, January 30, 2010

Photography Bucket List

After reading this article dredged from the mammoth backlog in my Google Reader I decided it was a good enough idea to steal.

So here is my bucket list.

A really good portrait
Solomon on the mound - Day #67
If you've browsed my photostream you'll see that portraiture isn't my thing. There are probably three photos with people up there in total. This is a shame because I quite like portraiture. So why not go out and get more? Well I hope to. In fact in the not too distant future I may be pestering you with my camera.

That waterfall
In the wicklow mountains - Day #90
Yes it's a massive cliche. I still want one. I've even had the chance a few times, but it's never been exactly what I'm after, which is a lot of water flowing captured with a slow shutter speed.

One of those slow motion coastal shots - Again a cliche but these are just great when done properly. Here's a good example example.

A wild fox - To be honest any sort of wildlife photography would be a bit of a dream. A fox is just the top on the list. They're elusive buggers though and without a super telephoto lens this is probably never going to happen. I'd best start saving.

A studio shoot - Another dream. Someday i'd love to rent a studio out and have the right equipment to do justice to a shoot. I'd probably go for a proper fashionesque model and see what I coud get of her.

Let me know what you'd like to shoot. There are plenty of other shots I'd love to get. I'll probably expand this over the year.

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